Safe & Sound

by Mike Noegraf

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released April 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Mike Noegraf Lyon, France

Singer/songwriter based in Lyon/France

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Track Name: Emotional Disease
Hands are shaking
heart is beating faster
Tight throat, guilty shadows appear into your eyes
Like the wind, I wish I were there to chase the mist
Emotional disease, there was nothing around

Letter box full of regrets
No outlooks, happy are those who forget

Take a look around
Sure, I will follow you
I would kiss you under mistletoe
Not to play the fool
I won't spend all my time wasting my life
I'll shout I'm loosing faith until I die

Is an overwhelming shame written all over my face?
Slowly sharpened words slide to the daylight
To the stars, show me the right way to reach out the sky
And reveal to me what happened during the past

Diamonds comfort me not to live in a room
Stay true and one day hearts will bloom
I curse the day I was entering in the room
Stay true and one day hearts will bloom
Track Name: When tears were off
Keep growing alongside icons
And still wondering why we can't let failures behind us anymore
We've lost expectations again in a small amount of times
Nothing could erase or repair written lines

I can't recall the sound of the past.
Help me to stand on, not to lay down arms
Teach me the lie, teach me how to fight
Lord, I never get the role you play in the turmoil

Great stories I heard from you. Can god bless the sad truth?
Words came to me when tears were off
What should I do?
Life's passing like a bullet train from birth to grave
I would like to write you those words not spoken yet
Track Name: Sharing my bones
No U-turn by now
Old memories in wet eyes, it's easy to forget the past
Don't give up now. Take a breath, I'm afraid too
We will stay proud and tall
And I will miss you, I will miss you
And I hate you, I hate the day we will fall down

Have you ever heard this sound?
A kind of shabby blasting room
These are ruins of my existence
Have you ever heard it before?
Silent screams in black books, no poetry, no prayers

I'll never let you down
I'll bury pain and misunderstandings
Don't worry, I'm freezing
And I must fight to bring you back
Holding you in my arms
Before my bones break, before I die
Track Name: Safe & sound
Sometimes I'd like to keep a picture of you
And leave this gloomy room inside my head
Over and over, I've tried not to keep myself confused
I only need to knock on that door and open it

And fly up to the other side
Where all seem to be so different
Have you ever dreamt of an escape from a nightmarish frame?

Clouds and rain, medecines and shame
Should I work on my upcoming escape?
Tears and dope, We would rather be safe and sound
Appreciate good times not to be afraid anymore

Sometimes I'd like to stop those highs and lows
Don't get me wrong, I'm turning in circles
Over and over, I misread smoke signals
Blinded by thoughts and still waiting for miracles
Track Name: A path close to you
Lost on that road so far away from my home sweet home
Please, don't switch off the light
Deep scars and bad monsters will be back
I know, there are no fairytales
Remembering these words you said
Time goes by, seasons and wars, I miss your voice and your wine

Where are you now?
You passed away too early in my saddest years
Don't abandon me now
I need you to face these fears that I can't deny
Six years later, a rose tattooed on my chest
Heartbreaking songs and quiet whispers
So proud to wear your old favorite cap
We're not invincible

Heavy heart and clenshed fist
Pieces of anger and screams
Don't leave me alone, I can't sleep
Slave of my own memories
Track Name: Heart connection
I already miss this time
We met to chase the boring days
Too shy to talk about our cold seasons
We finally felt the same.

You were sitting there, I watched my feet
On the ground, wondering about your gaze
We fell in love with honesty
Devouring times before it ends

And I promise you tomorrow will be great
Wipe your tears, I'll always be there
And I know everyday, you miss these sweetest arms
Don't give up now.
Searching for a while, Searching for the rest.

Conversations about those we lost.
A guilty fall couldn't remove the past
The worst is over, you must switch the light on
And listen to this lullaby
Track Name: Who knows how to keep me alive?
They should not tear us appart
Let's have fun for a while
Before, before you and I become deaf til we die

How could I say life is a wire
You could break with the blink of an eye?
Silence around my mind
I hope we will survive

Before I scream out all my pain
Before you look at me in the eyes
Before you see me losing strength
Who knows how to keep me alive?

We should cross the whole ocean
Til we find a safe place to go
No matter if we are sinking
Coz we tried to resist
Track Name: I shouldn't tell you the end
Let my heart talk for both of us
Take a seat as you get used to
Let's rock by echoes, let's get blew by the wind
Let me talk about our story

Thousands of wonders in common acts
I shouldn't tell you the end
Come on, get closer, then take my hand
Let your gaze get into mine

Listen to this song as you didn't know yourself
As you didn't know me

Let the tick-tock of the clock
Getting tired to steal these precious times
So, brave princess, don't cry
You who lead my steps in the dark
Track Name: Promised
Let's start from scratch without these misfortunes
There are so many ways to struggle these troubles
I had a million words to say goodbye but nothing happens
I won't be able to talk about my love

And I promised you my heart
Give it the way to begin a better life
And I walked along a long dark road
then crows gave a place to the crown

I took my bag, my guitar and my cigarettes
I guess you won't stay this little princess
Let me know your ennemies
Let's build our castles, our fields

26 years without a sign
Hung on a wire, it's bruning my eyes
I only see my little baby sleeping quiet
A million miles away from my home

Closer to me...
Track Name: Kid's game
Locked into your eyes
Life was no longer a mess
Another wandering soul
Is wine turning to blood?
Another throwing brick left on the path
Learning to build with when light turns into black

I've lost my voice
Please let me in
Carry me on by drawing fears

A few days ago, I grabbed a lazy train
Kissing kids goodbye, I hope we'll meet up there
Over the hills, beyond the mountains
I'm looking for a breath, I'd like to explain but...
Track Name: Back home
It doens't stop, anyway
Time goes by too fast
Wrinkles on my face
Secrets of the early years

It doesn't make me cry
It doesn't hurt me
Watching your lips between the lines
I need to go back home

Crossing a lot of sad faces
All over the world not to know their names
Nothing makes sense
And time goes by too fast