No time for seasons

by Mike Noegraf

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Recorded @ Big dog recordings studio - Antwerp (Be) July '17


released April 6, 2018

All songs and lyrics by Mike Noegraf
Mixed by Tim Van Door
Mastered by Bram Dewachter
Produced by Joe McMahon


all rights reserved



Mike Noegraf Lyon, France

Singer/songwriter based in Lyon/France

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Track Name: Chapter
Chapter 1,
My view is made of shabby walls,
There’s not even a lamp to light up the details.
Don’t know how it goes, don’t even know when it started
Blank pages are made to get stories written on.

Fairytales are gone for good,
Anxiety and I live in a square meter room.
Can somebody hear me now ? I’ve been stuck in my mind for a while,
As blind as filled with the pain that we belong to,
Swallowed up in less than a second.

Chapter 2
Torments, gravity makes me lie in bed,
For how long has the time been stretched ?
Lost in the absurd, I’m drawing straight lines with curves
I wish I could throw this mess away.
Track Name: Time traveler
Carry my heart wherever it goes
Playing hide and seek
I keep on breathing air I suffocate though
It’s not enough but it’s Worth it

Screaming the name of someone I can’t see
Put your feet on the ground.
Where the sand burns the chest and the lips,
When hands fit the hips all around me.

Sailing on a boat then drift away
Heading to your heart and go astray
Looking for the North then admit defeat.
Who’s the Arrow ? who’s the target ?
In this mess, I hear your voice singing on the chords I have built.

Hold onto me knowing today’s a part of tomorrow’s ashes
There’s a bullet no one can see.
I keep the world at your feet
Taking pills to find shelter, tell me there’s no handcuffs, no kingdom, no majesty.

If I could be a time traveler, I’d go back for more time with you.
Track Name: Legacy
I feel like I’ve been staring at the sun till my eyelashes burnt and my tears dried.
Don’t you really see this shape standing here in the shade ? It’s better that way…

Keep on moving, let the Wind be keen.
Let’s make the short days look longer. If you’re my queen for a night, then I’ll be a king in your sight
I’m lost for words to describe the scene.

Life’s just persistence of vision.

September is coming so fast.
Fall whispers to trees to colour their leaves.
And I’m looking for a diagram to find out my own beliefs.

Life is a cycle.
Track Name: Trap for memories
It’s almost been a year, I wait for you to come home.
I kept the fire burning since you hung up the phone.
Will you come back ? Are you coming in ?
I must confess, words don’t come easy.
The shades in the corners, a trap for memories.
Anytime, Anyhow.

No matter how many million miles I’m away from you.
There’s always a sign on earth that makes me think of you.
If I could walk 24 hours a day filling my shoes with pain and blood,
To get a smile from you.

No motion, no sound, rocked by the crakling fire.
My hero’s gone without waving me Goodbye though.
He won’t come back, he’s not coming in.
All is Inside out, to soon to set sail.
Sharing a last drink would have been all I needed.
Anytime, anyhow.
Track Name: Kicking the bucket
we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders , even beyond spare time.
Would you like to take home the left over love we both shared before the storm ?

Can you forgive love for leaving?
Should we forget the daily losses ?
How can you describe the feeling we had when everything was falling down ?

Remind me when we shared love and cigarettes,
Having sex all night long
to solve violence by offering silence,
I’m still paying the price.

By the way, Let me thank you for not killing me yet with a rusty knife in my back.
Bouquet of roses under the rain
Memories turn into black.

I won’t hold you back
Cuz you still have my only set of keys,
Please don’t drive my car
I’m on my knees.
Don’t treat me so bad
Tell me where is my credit card !
Are you still getting married in Las Vegas ?
Should I finally kiss you one last time?

Will you reply to me with a sweet letter you wrote till the morning came?
Memories are spinning around our sad world, hold your breath and hold on...
Track Name: 17th
Spend some time together
Then freeze the moments forever
Enjoying life until those days are gone
We see the storm coming soon
Stay in my arms.
I’ll protect you we won’t be torn apart

I have many more wrinkles since you came to earth.
We definitely stopped sleeping since your birth
I recall going back and forth from home to hospitals.
And these smiles we shared from the top of the world.

Then one day, things will go down.
I hope the rights cards have been dealt to you guys.
To keep love Inside your hearts.

I hope I’ll be there to tell you of my youth
Every mistake I made.
And how pretty your mum was.
Track Name: Ocean
Ocean, you make me feel free as you carry the stars
When you start hiding the sun from above
I wanna tell you something more but I’d rather keep my mouth open

Sand, I love the way you warm my feet
When you let the Wind keep you away from me
You take my toughts away, you’re more than a remedy

I want you to stay with me, keep my hands clean like a simple poetry.
Then turn me into passion, bring me self-esteem
I won’t be lazy, then values and romance will be.

Mountain, let me thank you for the very first time.
For protecting me with your sweet eyes.
On the rooftop of the world, I see it turning bad

Tree, you were so great and powerful
It was nice to meet you after school
You made my life so true
climbing on you was beautiful
Track Name: Inertia
Hold on, be quiet, until the bells sing their song
Silence is surrounding, my inner voice tells me « be strong »
Then I see the cross lifted and the cloudy sky above
Such a weird frame to celebrate a loss, a second-class hero, a father, a son, an ordinary man.

Although the world stopped spinning
And the rain paints it black
We cut clean a white flag in two halves and fight against inertia.

If seasons are waiting for a signal
(Then) Don't let the rain take it over.
It's fascinating to see they keep on living as if they didn’t know they would have to die.

Everyone goes fast
Praying to get safe and feel like home
Head in the clouds, they hope for heaven’s door
Braving the sin, no answer from expectations
they preach redemption to get a comfortable place in the beyond
If life is their purgatory, then mine is my paradise
Track Name: Mrs Rose
She used to dance like flowers do, travelling around the world
Saying I’m gonna conquer it

She used to shine brighter than the moon, the moon among the stars,
She always opened up her arms, welcoming you with her smiles

From this cold night of April, I kept this picture of her
She was dancing like a doll on a stage with her body undressed
Mrs Rose was her name, she used to live in a wooden Carousel.
She was a mistery to me,
Mrs Rose was her name, she used to roam around the earth like a satellite

A few years went by since we met,
Then I didn’t realize, we wouldn’t meet again.

The Young pink lady left the shore, trapped by the storm
She was dying by inches, facing the disease.

She found how to reach out to the sky and in her own way how to fly. Everynight I look up, I see her around as a satellite.
Track Name: Heavy with secrets
I didn’t think it was so special to see the horizon around the black.
Will we get married before we die ?
There’s no longer faith in the light.

Only whispers from the dark roads, no one can reach.
I’m still looking for someone or Something you missed,
May we live without any lies ?

I do believe nothing lasts forever,
For broken hearts, Streets are heavy with secrets,
Now I’m getting old, mine is heavy with sorrow,
I was told not to open my eyes anymore.

The things we did today already belong to the past,
Every single day we wrote is erased by the blue.
Ink’s running down along your doubt my friend.
It could put out the fire and make it die out forever.
Track Name: Earthquake
Everytime you do it,
I hit my head on the ground
then, my eyesight gets blurred, figuring out how to go back in time.
Life can not end this way,
Knocked out, I ask god to help me out.
he’d rather keep an eye on your savior and cover their tracks

In a creepy backyard, constantly ashamed,
Breathe in, breathe out,
Being shaken by an earthquake,
I can barely see what’s wrong with my heart

I wish I wasn’t acting like a broken toy,
Pulling us back away from the start,
I wish I were a bird to fly away from now,
Not to struggle with a blurry shape in a Mirror.
I’ve been broken by a tear dropped from the sky,
I’m still sticking around.
From time to time my lips are in conflict with my mind.

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