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Even tigers have a heart

by Mike Noegraf

Castles are gone, If life is a wheel then time is a reflection No kings at all, I’ve lost the key to lock my Confusion the absurd and carelessness are both a part of innocence Waves of light remind me of how life is short and precious. trying to keep your head above water Back to my self control, Radio signals are delivered by Echoes . I belong to you, I get better when you’re around, when Bricks turn into fractions. While I need you, Are we still living on the same planet ? Yesterday goes away when tomorrow comes. Is there something wrong in between their connections ? Read me like an open book, I’m Sending a bottle out to the sea, please don’t let it sink. There’ve been so many words I would have been dying to tell you for nothing. Save me, save me, bring me a potion.
Right Wrong 02:22
I was looking for my pockets watching all around Trying to remember why I’d tried to celebrate this life I went to a doctor, he said you’re so confused, Take these pills to feel better, but do not abuse. Then the adventures began, I left my Virgin eyes It turned into a drama, I was up side down I crossed my fingers and prayed all day long To end up with the disgrace of those days now gone I’ve been hurt so many times. Often in a rush, trying to learn more from my prison cell Holding my breath, waiting for a crush Striking anywhere, Pretending nothing is the same
No more waiting on them as you rise inside new rooms It's official you've gone you can live for no one else Man the guilt must be huge As there's no gain in failure you succeed at being mine Yeah, old friend, see you there I will be proud from afar I can paint a picture in a moment of memories and there aren't many left I am extradited, uninvited It's just another Saturday Take a step to freedom You and her against this cruel world Take a breath of shelter and exhale Trust and allegiance Liberate yourself from hell It's just another Saturday It's just another Saturday
Face to face, in the middle of the crowd Eye to eye, we need no coach. No need to argue, no need to hide as well, Or to think out loud. Don’t get me wrong, We could finally lose control We still don’t know where we are going The more we stay, the less we know If only Chemistry could be salvation fueled by the reason. So call out my name, If success is a target, then we’ll trade love as an aim It goes without saying Make your life a movie, Write the storyboard first. Never look back, hand in hand, never divided. From page to page, I whish you could save me, Tie your shoes tight, pack our bags and let’s head to the next step.
I'd love to tell more than things I can define. How much more time do I have to climb the sun? To light up your mind, to warm your voice, to treat you well, to get some advice on opening the door. Make sure to go further from your rancor. And if you dont, please, let's dance together. From the way you talk to the way you move. From the way you guess to the way you prove. You make me believe life isn't cruel, even though I'm not as good as you. Make sure to go further from your rancor. And if you dont, please, let's dance together. You'd love to complain about things you can't decline. I hate myself since you're stuck in my mind. The contract has been torn apart I'm not clairvoyant but you might understand we'll meet in the beyond. Make sure to go further from your rancor. And if you dont, please, let's dance together.
Settle down 03:06
It's killing me So far from each other I wrote you a song, you've never heard It's bothering me How far is the distance? Addicted to you, to a bunch of nerves. Settle down with me Set up the worst Pick up the pieces on the floor Put them on this heart-shaped box. Disregard your mother's words Don't follow a lost ship, don't let her go Stifle doubts by talking about your own we are more or less in love with each other The Winter chill’s knocking on the door Please don't open it. it freezes minds and steals your heart If we cross our fingers We won't catch a cold Only for one hour, until the spring comes


released March 17, 2017


all rights reserved



Mike Noegraf Lyon, France

Singer/songwriter based in Lyon/France.


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