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Even panthers have a heart

by Mike Noegraf

Sky note 02:49
I’m a lonesome hostage of something that I can barely see. Ripped away from the others, ripping me out from the scene. I feel like I’m the main actor I always plays off-screen. What if I’m suddenly doing well ? keep on driving with a broken Wheel Is there any other option? Flying to my Dreams with a broken wing ? I’m still sitting here in this corridor staring at the sea, Hoping for an exit, through this frame hung in front of me. Now I know my shift is done, I spent so much time in here. Mamma, don’t worry I’m not so bad, I‘ll write you tomorrow from this cage you’ve never been in…
Fireworks 03:02
Waking up every morning thinking of what I couldn’t change, Looking at these blurry photographes, engraved on dusty shelves. I can recall the smells, see flashing lights from ghosts floating ‘round my neck. Would I leave you a precious note ? like a pearl inside a shell, Like dropping flowers from somewhere nobody could play. Like something that couldn’t remain from the time I was there. Please, settle down, I was shivering while you were freezing cold. I drop you a line, anxiety is reaching out to its climax. Up to the sky, fireworks are deafening me. Oh Darling, oh Darling, I guess it’s no mercy on me. Every second of my return to the point of when I was Young. My first guitar, my first kiss and all that I’ve ever done, I’m always astonished to see how Lucky I am since. One day, I’ll have to follow the lady in black through a tunnel, in the lure of a perfect light. I wish I was unbreakable but I’m slowly fading out.
As a lie 02:38
Sitting on the sand,seeing the first ray of the sun painting love on the wilderness. the watercolor skies reveal lines that feel the shape of your face, Release your emotions, release your treasures, from outer space. Every fraction of light is waving the air. Every direction heads off to the sea. Can I stand on my feet and be? I don’t want to let you down, I love you more than I do love me. So I think about the way all started. About how it could look like and be. Then I see the moon slowly fading away. I wonder will it shine again for real ? Could we use the stars to find a way towards what seems to be the next round. I see it as a lie There’s something cruel and fragile in life.
I'm trying to figure out, a corner is not a shelter to hide from the rain. I’m still trying to dig in more, Though my nails ripped from my fingers by the earth. I don’t want you to stay, suffering from what I said. Don’t you feel gold slipping away through my fingertips? no more rules to go to another heavenly place that you should keep as a secret. I just put my weapons down, I’d rather hold a flowers than a gun. If we both go against vanity and pride? Surely we’ll find a middle ground.
Andrew 02:06
Andrew, we met for the first time right after a nightmare. You helped me out to get over it and to deal with monsters. Then we became best friends. We shared a million things, from the river to the infinite space. We formed the best team I’ve ever had since I was a kid. Andrew, I apologize for leaving you on the sidelines. Would you understand that sometimes people split their path. Now I’m married, I have a good job, a house, a dog and a car. Sometimes I’d like to grab my phone just to give you a call. Andrew, I can still recall your name and your voice as well. I can also remember all the games we used to play together. I know it’s weird to talk to an old friend after so much time spent without. But you need to know that I left you the day I found a real friend.
How to explain what went from bad to worse since you started chasing stars? Beyond the trees, screaming my lungs out I tried my best to save you so far. The reason why I spend my time for nothing more than lullabies is ‘cuz I wanna preserve you. There’s no right book to expose life To a tragic quest with a magic touch. Don’t worry, it terrifies me too Now you can get a soft and quiet sleep. I’ll be around making it comfy. Dealing with my own deal of drawing you a safer place. Facing steams, shadows and fears to make your perceptions clear. I’ll be brave, you’ll be brave too. Someday, you’ll cast it out, heartbroken like I used to. There’s no price to hold you in my arms. To tell you how much I love you.


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released April 6, 2019


all rights reserved



Mike Noegraf Lyon, France

Singer/songwriter based in Lyon/France.


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